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May 03, 2014


Cop Car

You should have taken a surveying class with your dad or me (I took it as a freshman, he as a senior - required course regardless of one's major). One exercise had each team survey across the school's golf course one week, driving a nail into the ground, and coming back the following week to resume from the nail. Amazingly, as far as I know, every team was always able to locate the nail that had been left the previous week.

Good for you in locating the marker.


Um, would have been hard for me to take the class with you and Dad, considering I wasn't even thought of yet - LOL

The marker, being about 6 feet tall, 1.5" thick pipe painted red made it exceedingly easy to find!


We've got a marker like that on one corner, except ours is standing in the middle of some heavy brush, you have to actually LOOK for it to find it. Not an issue at the moment, but if/when the folks on that side move out I for-see a pending issue. I'm reluctant to cut back the brush though, the animals love it!

Cop Car

Hmmm...I saw that pipe; but, in my experience that is probably not an official marker - too easily moved (except when a tree has grown around it!) It may be in the correct place; but, it is probably "pointing to" the official marker (as in: the real marker is surrounded by the bottom of the pipe) - but, not necessarily of course. Who knows what the surveyors had in mind? Oh, well. You may recall that, on Sunrise, the mark at one turn of our property line was chiseled into a manhole cover - such that, the cover had to be clocked to the correct position for it to align with the part of the chisel mark that was on the collar.

Well...let's not say that you hadn't been thought of. When your dad took surveying (and I helped him through it!) I was pregnant with your sister and we never intended that she should be an only child.


CC - you obviously lived in a more civilized world for making markers. At the other house, they painted an orange dot on a rock (one small enough to be moved with a pry bar). Needless to say, we moved it before realizing what it was. Heck, I've seen them mark boundaries with orange tape tied around a tree limb - not the trunk, but a limb. Long iron pipes aren't out of the question in heavy forest - the leaves will bury a marker in one season. Also, I was thinking as I left work today (don't ask why) that my original estimate of 15+ years is way under - and it has to be 30-50 years by the size of the tree, which would be about right for the timeframe that this house was built.

However, you may be right and it wasn't the original marker - but it is in line with the stone wall, so I will let the other property owner try to prove me wrong if he so desires.


My parents have one property line thats marked with a (formerly bright orange) rope tied from one tree to another. The rope is, needless to say, been there so long the trees have grown around the knots....

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