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April 05, 2014


Cop Car

Being within three blocks of the river assures that you will be seeing lots of wildlife in your yard! Don't let the squirrels eat you out of house & home. Our own are ravenous little buggers.

Just now we are being amused by the antics of a white-breasted nuthatch. For the past few days it has been hopping/flying about like a deranged imp. I assume he is in a mating mood, but (unlike what we've usually observed) we see no apparent object of his affection. It is not usual for nuthatches to spend so much time so close to the house - over/around/about the near feeders and the back porch - including pecking at the bottom of the sliding door. I'm calling him Nutty Nuthatch.

Cop Car

Nutty Nuthatch is out there pecking at the door and careening about, now, I failed to write.

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