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February 01, 2014


Cop Car

Bogie--What you are into is well above my pay grade! I did worry about the weight of the wall covering - until I read the specs that said the material is vinyl. You cannot keep us structures folks from worrying about the stress-a-trons, can you?


Oh, I didn't say I was actually going to put any of it back together myself. I'm good at taking apart; not so much for the other way around. Although I did get pretty good at taping/mudding sheetrock at the Deering house about a gajillion years ago.

Will start demolition next weekend - will tell the story later though.

Cop Car

You do, indeed, take after your mother - in being better at taking apart. It's more fun!

BTW: I was not worried about your being able to handle the weight of the wall covering (What? Me worry about my daughter?!!) but about the house structure supporting it in the coming years.


The demolition duo! Actually, I had just said to DH that I identified with you, but that I wouldn't be able to move the electrical stuff or close up the wall again, when I read the comments! Good luck with your project.


Buffy - I don't mess with electrical, but fortunately I know someone who does. The sheetrock thing isn't too bad and I should be able to handle myself. May not be professional looking, but it will look a heck of a lot better than it did when I started (really, the person before me was no where as close to as handy as I am - which is scary!)

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