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January 19, 2014


Cop Car

Things are looking good, Bogie! You are so steadfast in favoring blue hues! When I was in high school, Mom wanted to re-do my bedroom wallpaper and painted woodwork. I couldn't come up with a favorite color, so I told her "pale yellow". Then I changed my mind - at least once or twice. Finally, Mom picked out the wallpaper that she and Dad hung: three walls were a textured pattern in blues while the fourth wall was a coordinated print of creamy white dog-flower blossoms, with touches of pink, on a background that was like the plainer pattern on the other three walls. I think they painted the woodwork pink, but it may have been blue or creamy white (you know that I cannot remember colors!) I really, really liked the results.

Your home will look really nice covered in lions and wolves!

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