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December 08, 2013


Cop Car

"There better not be another moving day in my future - I can't imagine doing all this over again!"

You are channeling your father! I don't like the work of moving; but, it isn't a "big deal" to me.

Regardless of your feelings, it appears that you have the whole thing under control, and I'm delighted to see how things are working for you. Since you inherited no Ming vases, I'll not even worry about your one casualty. Your WS did a wonderful job gathering the crew, and they (and he and you) did a wonderful job getting the move accomplished. Well done! I'm happy for you.

Cop Car

P.S. After saving and tinkering with the photos, I can see how great your coffee table looks. OK, OK, what'd you do with the blue pillows? *laughing*


The coffee table hasn't even had anything done with it yet. It does have a nice shape and grain though.

I thought I had gotten the blue pillows here, but don't see them. They must still be on WS' chair - buried under other stuff that has been piled there since the move. I will definitely be getting those here - they will go well in the room. I do however have the adobe pillows on the tan couch.


Heck, the blue pillows may be in one of the bazillion boxes of stuff that I haven't unpacked yet.

Cop Car

Wonderful Granddaughter & Rachi (and NG1 & NG2) are still awaiting their pillows! Only one is ready to go. For their household I'm making pillow protectors and decorative covers for the square pillows. Putting in the zippers isn't my favorite thing to do - lol.

Obviously, the coffee table need not be at the top of your "to do" list.


Found the pillows in a box marked, amazingly enough, Mom's pillows. They are now ensconced on the couch

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