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November 02, 2013



I grabbed all the pictures (except of the front of the house) from a realtor website about 7 this morning. I was going to link to the site, but when I went back it said the listing had been taken off the market. Makes it seem even more real that it will soon be mine!

Cop Car

I predict that you will thoroughly enjoy your new home, Bogie. It is completely different from the home in which you've lived for the past (what? nearly 20?) years, so it will be an adjustment; and, your new digs have so many great features! FHW = Forced Hot Water? Love the bay window in your kitchen/eating area. (Obviously! I love the one in our kitchen!) Your dad and I are happy, happy, happy for you and your critters. Live long and prosper! (And...lots of love.)


25.5 years at the present house. You are right on the FHW - that is what we have at present house. The temp stays more stable than FHA. I love bay windows too, which is why when we replaced the picture window in the front of the house, I had them put in bays. I've already thought I may put another bay window or two in - when it is time to replace windows.

I am sure I will enjoy the new home - the critters will go into shock. The cats won't be able to go outside anymore - a huge adjustment for them. Prince is more difficult to predict. He has been in a bit of a funk since we lost Missy and WS left. Maybe moving is just the thing he needs - or maybe it won't make any difference at all.


Sweet! So glad it went smoothly for you!

Cop Car

Bogie--Thanks for correcting my memory on your buying of the house in (now) Deering. Let's see if I do better on Prince - that you got him in 2001? Poor Prince has seen a lot!


2001 is correct! You have such a good memory when it comes to your "grand-kids"

You are right, he has seen a lot - lost Sampson, lost Indy, lost Missy, WS moving out. Oh, and lost several birds too since he came to live here.

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