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September 28, 2013


Cop Car

Yay, you! You may recall that my all-important volunteer work flash drive died a few months ago and how relieved I was to have backed it up only a few months earlier.

As to computers: I try to keep most of my stuff on more than one computer; but, as in your case, I have somehow come up missing most photos for one year (2007?)

I don't have the endurance to do a good job of tracking what I have, where. You are probably more disciplined about what you do.


Bogie, I have three words for you; External. Hard. Drive.

We use three here at The Manse to back up all of our computers. Two are for local backups in case we have a meltdown (I make an image of each drive so I can recreate a dead drive in its entirety. No need to reload all of the software, apps , and data separately). The last drive is a master backup that contains all of our data, software downloads (including activation keys), and other stuff. That one is stored off-site as a just-in-case-everything-explodes-including-our-backup-drives measure and gets backed up every three months.

Is it a little paranoid? Yes, but I've been through a total meltdown before and I didn't want to have to recreate everything from scratch.


I know, I know - I had been thinking that for the last several weeks, just never got off my butt to do so. You would think that I would be smarter than I have been about such things!

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