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September 03, 2013


Cop Car

Bogie--Sorry. How many miles are on the Jeep, now? If you only had time for the ball valve and brakes to be a DIY project! (Some of us would need more patience than we have available too. Who, me?!)

Roll those Karmic dice.


67k miles - bought new 12/2009. Am getting an estimate from a local guy. Brakes are probably normal - I use them more than I did when I worked in the Nashua/Milford area. Ball joints - the local guy says the Patriots are famous for the lower ball joints going early. He's put some on for other people in the area and knows of a better aftermarket brand to use that will last longer.

I must have been a really, really, really bad child judging by the karma that I've received this summer!


They didn't fix the leak; I had to add air the very next day, and 2 days later. Guess they never looked at it again after changing the valve stem. However, the stem did need to be replaced, so the effort wasn't a total waste.

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