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August 31, 2013



so much for the sun part. Overcast and dark all of yesterday (warm though, and mostly dry). Thunderstorms now, thunderstorms tomorrow. Oh well, we've managed to have fun so far.

Cop Car

Bogie--Sometimes you just cannot catch a break! Have as much fun as you can, under the circumstances.

We have a clear, crisp (64 degrees when I went out for my walk) morning going. Your dad went back to bed. Oh! He went for his run, yesterday, and got rained on from the time he returned to the corner of Rock Rd & our street from his 3-mile run. He said that it felt good - cooling him down, somewhat, from the 78-degree temperature that we had yesterday morning.


Rain filled weekends seem to be the norm when I plan riding trips. Got poured on on the way home - and a bit of hail.

Still, traffic wasn't bad and drivers were uncommonly gracious and curteous to me on the bike. They gave me lots of room when passing and stayed well behind me, and pulled back in well ahead of me (saving me from getting massive overspray, which would have made the visibility even worse than it was).

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