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June 22, 2013



I am sorry to hear of your loss. I know how hard it can be to lose a member of the family, even if they have four feet and fur. We try to pretend that it doesn't affect us, that it was "only a dumb cat", but we never see them that way. Not really. They are our companions, our friends, and they gave unconditional love. They have their own personalities, they amuse us, and they're willing to let us admire and adore them as is their due.

Cop Car

Bogie--I am so sorry that I was late seeing your post, and sorry for the death of Shadow. Next door to Elder Brother lives a canine named Shadow; so, of course, I had to tell him about your feline version. At the time, I did not know that Shadow was no more; but, under the circumstances, would probably not have mentioned Shadow to him, at all, had I known.


DCE has said most of what I would have said to you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you'll miss Shadow. My cat, Edward Scissorhands, was in decline, and I was preparing my self to be there for him when he needed help, but he out-foxed me. One day he went out and never returned. It's really difficult to keep from thinking about all the different ways he might have died. I hope that Shadow's passing was swift and gentle. Hugsssss, Bogie.


Thanks for all the expressions of sympathy.

Unfortunately Shadow had some sort of attack that Sunday night. He was fine when I got home and let him in (he had been sunning himself on the deck), but later couldn't sit up or walk. I assumed a stroke. Monday morning, when he hadn't recovered any (I've known plenty of other people's pets to recover well from strokes) I was going to take him the emergency clinic Monday night after I got home, but that was not to be.

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