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June 20, 2013


Cop Car

That really is a cool app, Bogie. Your dad uses the GPS directions (for driving) app on his phone, rather than his car's GPS, much of the time because he can set up destinations before leaving the house. No need to sit in the car and punch them in.


WS got me a GPS and it lies to me so often I have sworn never to use it again. It has gone as far as taking me down dead end roads, then telling me to turn around in a driveway and return the way I came! And then there are the roads it wants me to take, which aren't ther. The last straw was trying to get to Boston from work, telling it I want the fastest route - so it took me down every side road and about a jillion stop lights. It should have taken me to the highway and only the last 3 miles be in city (WS got there fine with his GPS).

My phone's GPS has almost always been good to me.

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