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April 28, 2013


Cop Car

I'm glad the pillows go with your decor; but, if they don't you have only yourself to blame since you placed "dibs" on the blue pillows!

As to the roses: Those are hardy flora. I still shake my head at all of the stone you folks moved/placed.


Yea! Pillows from Cop Car! How fortunate you are to have someone sending you lovely gifts. Way to go, Cop Car!

We had two rugosa roses on the property when we moved here. I made the mistake of letting Dear Husband prune the larger of the two a couple of years ago. It's still alive, but it's not making much of a come back. Maybe this year.


Those are such a lovely pillows, well using them at outdoors furniture looks good too. It seems like you are having a hard time at your garden bed, don't worry some day they will bloom and spread their beauty at your garden.

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