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April 06, 2013



The end of April is the estimated last date of frost here. I'm not sure I believe it and I'm prepared to keep my seedlings inside for longer, and have some frost protection ready and waiting to go for anything I do put out....

Cop Car

Thanks for the progress report, Bogie. Last year, I had planted three tomato plants in mid-late March. Not this year. We had a little hail and a short downpour of rain, Sunday, and are on severe weather watch for tonight and tomorrow.

Cop Car

P.S. Those tomato plants were purchased, potted, and planted in the ground. As it happened, those were the only tomatoes that I got planted at all in 2012.


I don't think it's likely that I will plant any veggies other than a couple of purchased tomato plants, a zucchini, and perhaps a cucumber plant. I have done seedlings in the past, but I frequently loose them in the hardening off stage. I envy you the greenhouse!

I'll be watching to see when the climate allows you to plant. We're in the same time zones, but we have no snow. We tend to get the same severe weather that moves east from Cop Car's area. We had thunder and lightening the past two days, and expect almost 2 inches of rain in the next 36 hours.

Good luck with your gardens!


Buffy - our frost free date is May 30. And I've adhered to it most years. There have been many times that we have had frost that late in the year, so I don't mess around with trying to get plants in earlier.

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