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April 02, 2013



Thats cool!

Cop Car

Let us know when you see Art!


Art is currently in Georgia, having slowed down a bit - perhaps to take in some meals. i neglected to include a link for actually tracking Art and other osprey that call the East Coast home during the summer months.


It sounds as though Art will be home tomorrow! When did his spouse arrive? The site says that she is pottering around, bringing sticks to the nest. Did he send her on alone to get things ready for him??


And, a belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope that you had a wonderful celebration, and will have many, many more!


I don't know when his spouse arrived, although looking through the data from last fall, it seems she leaves several weeks before he does. Evidently they haven't tagged her, and there are no plans to (I saw an update story the other day). Several juveniles that were tagged last year were lost though, including Art' offspring.

Thanks for the BD wishes!

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