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March 10, 2013


Cop Car

Dang! If you are going to take after your mother, you could at least pick up the good things about her to mimic! Indeed! Forgetting to re-insert the battery in your camer...failing to prune the clematis....

I sympathize if you say that, "If I didn't pick up Mom's bad habits, I wouldn't be able to pick up any of her habits at all!"

You really have been hit with the snow for the past few weeks. Sorry that I'm not there to help shovel. I need the exercise. (This is not the time for you to point out that I could have shoveled snow here but opted not to do so! Somehow, other people's snow is more fun to shovel!)


Whoot! You really DID get the snow. I stopped counting at 65" We've been on the edge of the storms you and Cop Car have received, and I don't think we got more than 6" at any one time. Most of our snow was here today, gone tomorrow, so there hasn't been much shoveling. I hope warmer weather has come your way.


We have another storm coming that has the potential for 6-12". Which means we will get a dusting or a couple of feet the way it has worked out for us this year.

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