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March 10, 2013


Cop Car

Things can change quickly. Just a few hours ago, I think that I heard that Zerkle had slipped from 1st to 2nd...now listed in 3rd. Obviously, I've not been following closely.

Cop Car

The winner was a really old guy - older than you - the oldest ever to have won. His son, as you know, was the youngest ever to have won; but, I don't know what year that was. It wasn't nearly as much fun without your running commentary; but, work before pleasure. Sorry that your hours working/driving are so long!


Wow - Mitch Seavy, the winner is really old, older than me by a whole two years. Alright, i must admit there was a time that I thought 35 was ancient, so, sure, have your fun with the age thing.

Dallas Seavy won last year - as the youngest winner ever.

I was happy to see that Allie Zirkle came in second again (she was second last year). Would have been great if she captured first, but maybe next year!

Cop Car

Only those of us who are really old dare chide you youngsters about your ages!

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