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January 20, 2013




Cop Car

That does seem the thing to do for Missing (and Prince). Cool! Had you tried other preparations - such as petroleum jelly? - or is this a new process, totally? Now that you mention it, I seem to recall having seen booties to serve the same purpose - perhaps on mushing dogs up north?

Cop Car

P.S. Good show, Ruth!


Yes, this is a new routine. I've never tried anything else, but imagine they would just lick off petroleum jelly - the balm has a pleasant to invigorating scent, but the dogs don't lick at it.

Mushing dogs use boots - they are to prevent wear and tear on the pads as well as keeping the snow out.


If the dogs DO lick it, its safe. I know of a Lab who licked up a whole tub of it. She got diarrhea, but no other side affects. I did have to pick up booties for Arty this week. Our sub-zero temps were just to much for his feet, but otherwise the Musher Secret does the job very well!

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