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December 29, 2012



I was quite impressed with Hubby this year, he managed to wrap all the christmas gifts himself, dispite help from the animals, and they all looked fine! Usually they end up a wad of tape and paper and I end up redoing them...


WS usually does a fine job of wrapping - much better than any wrapping that I can do, which is what made this so funny to me.

Cop Car

Good for your WS. *laughing* There was only one thing that I wrapped this year: for your dad. As I was not about to go to a store for such a paltry amount of paper, I dug out what papers were left from prior years and pieced together (a little more successfully than using 3 pieces, having to use only 2) enough to make an adequate covering for the approximately 1 square foot, 3" deep box. Then...I got out the plastic upright holder for wrapping paper and set it aside for Wonderful GrandDaughter (or whoever) wanted it. I did not bother to go through it. I think that what it contained was a few empty spools from rolls of paper, perhaps a roll of Kraft paper, and a bunch of folded boxes. It is out of our house and someone else's "problem", now.

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