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December 23, 2012


Cop Car

Bogie--I'm with you in eschewing ceramics (and much other stuff) from China. Fire King and Anchor Hocking glassware made in the USA have been available, fortunately, and No Nonsense sells socks made in the USA. Glad that you had the USA-made Pyrex available in your area.
I was dismayed to see, the other day, that the generic Aleve that I had purchased some time ago was made somewhere in Asia (not China, as I recall, but still....)
It sounds like you have everything well in hand. Good for you!!!
As our dinner is tomorrow, I'm ready except for disinfecting the kitchen and bathrooms (including scrubbing the floor), and putting the final touches on/final cooking of dinner.

Da Goddess

Merry Christmas!


Just be extra carefull of the Pyrex, I saw yet another article again this week about how the newer stuff is more prone to shattering....

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