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December 30, 2012


Cop Car

Some of us are content, not only to use our beaten up old feeders, but to let the squirrels feast. Your dad tells me that squirrels (and starlings and house sparrows) "...are all god's creatures. They have to eat!"

Cop Car

P.S. Personally, I feel your pain. I'm pretty picky about what free-loaders I want to support!


Funny you should be mentioning this. We just had this conversation Christmas Eve at the folks house. It was funny to hear how the squirrels get to the free standing feeders. Their squirrels seemed to have learned how to fly!


SO FAR I've not had squirrels actually break anything. If the winter ends up bad, like it looks like its trying for, they'll empty the feeders and annoy the heck out of me, but so far they haven't been around at all. Now the Starlings on the other hand.....


Ruth - this feeder is 3-4 years old, so it has gotten a lot of beating from the weather. However, that is a heavy-duty plastic insert that holds the seeds, so it took a lot to break it. regular plastic tube feeders without cages are actually chewed away until the squirrels can get inside to eat undisturbed - if in a strange position.

CC - I don't mind the squirrels so much, as that they break into the hanging feeders. I can usually bribe the blue jays with peanuts on the platform feeder, but the squirrels aren't so accomodating.

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