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December 16, 2012



I got a whole bunch of free maple from a family a couple towns over who were taking down a half rotted tree and a couple others in their front yard. Even leaving behind the rotted stuff I've got about a cord's worth once its split and stacked (right now its in a big pile next to the driveway while we wait for hte ground to finish freezing). TOTALLY worth the effort to borrow FILs truck. Nothing like free wood! We've got plenty of pine to do a GIANT bonfire with if the weather and schedules ever cooperates.....


Nice job! We have a number of trees that need to be taken down. All but two of them are in places where they won't do any damage, but we have two very old evergreens off the SW corner of the house that we may have to have taken down by professionals. If we are lucky it won't be our problem.

Cop Car

We've lost our two pinons to pine tip borers. They were not large enough to be a huge problem, being on about 25 years old.


We were really glad that we took this tree down as it had heart rot and would have come down in an ice storm, snow storm, or just plain wind storm. might not have been this year, but soon - and then it would have most likely hit something that we didn't want it to hit.

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