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November 08, 2012



We've not had snow yet here. Some white flakes mixed in with sleet, but no real snow....I'm sure its just a matter of time!

Cop Car

Bogie--It is well that you kept your priorities staight - thanks for the photo of Fuzzy! I cannot imagine a fly's being moving in the temperatures that you likely had.

Scary does have some good photos. Since the Harris' sparrow is common around here during the winter ("our" flock of 10-12 hasn't yet arrived), I had to laugh at the need to provide a photo for confirmation of ID.


Cop Car, you think having to provide a photo is bad, you should SEE the knots the local birders have been tying themselves in trying to get a glimpse of said little birdie with setting Apollo into a protective frenzy (since said noise and agitation sends the birds flying....)


*with OUT setting Apollo

Sigh, can't type!


Temps aren't bad - they warmed up for the snow. I think low was 26 last night and it was probably right around 30 when I was shoveling this morning. Although once I typed the temps, it does seem kind of odd for a fly to be moving then. But I watched him crawl for a minute or so before thinking to take a picture - and it was meaningful crawling, not just nerve spasms.

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