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October 30, 2012


Cop Car

Bogie--You had a milder hit than expected. Good! And it is well that your WS got the big tree taken care of some time ago (I know - you, at the very least, carried the wood & stacked it!) Dudette, of course, had notified us of your text. HH needs to give you his text number? (I don't do texting, at all - not even enabled on my phone.)

We are having gorgeous weather; although, we would find it more gorgeous if we had prospects for rain.


You give me credit where no credit is due. WS did take down a big tree (good memmory you have - I'd already forgotten about it), and cut it up. However, I didn't stack it. In fact, WS only cut it into log lengths, then had the neighbor kid haul it away for his campfires.

The tree was a pine tree, which isn't all that good for burning in a woodstove unless you want a whole lot of creosote build up in the pipe (not good - unless you are looking for a really big fire).

However, had it been wood of a type that we would burn, I certainly would have stacked it.


As far as HH's number - I believe I have it, just didn't think he had text (which I don't usually do, just phones were iffy and texting takes much less power). Plus, figured he had other things to worry about with the Red Cross. And lastly, figured you would see the post here - although figured you wouldn't watch the videos with your sciatica acting up.

Cop Car

Bogie-- 1) I watched the videos, as I use the computer these days - standing. I had meant to mention how much I enjoyed the sound of the rain and to observe that, compared to winds that you have had, the recent winds weren't that bad. Nice videos! 2) Is the one karosene lamp your great-grandmother's? If so, it is what we read by or played board games by when my brothers and I were caught without power at her house. That was a rather frequent occurrence in those days! (We're talking about the 1940s, here. 3) Obviously, my memory isn't all that great as I recalled the tree as having been hardwood. Oh, well. 4) Your dad is looking at phones. If he does the research and finds one that he likes, I may have him get two. It's only fair. It was watching me use my Treo that got him interested in buying one - his first smart phone.


Okay, so it's my memmory that sux - it was a hard wood. However, WS has not cut it up beyound log lengths, so it is back in the woods drying until next year when he will cut/split it.

One of those lamps was from Grandma (who's it was originally, I don't know) - I actually was ready by that light for a little while (until WS got home).

Cop Car

Thanks for confirming my memory, Bogie. I recalled that when my Grandmother H died, I got her lamp, a little hand mill (she used it for corn) and butter churn and paddle. I think that you have them all.

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