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October 19, 2012



Had a company do something similer to me back in 2005....and then never did bother with "thanks but no thanks" note after 3 interviews. I KNOW there wasn't anything in my background check to scare them off....


Geeze, at that point they have spent so many resources that they might as well hired you after teh first interview and tried you out for a couple of weeks!

Cop Car

The sort of timing that you mention seems to be the "norm". I tried to make it a practice that, when hiring an engineer, I would communicate with him/her by going around human resources - just so they would know that something was happening.


Wow! I seem to recall some lag time years past, but nothing like that, and usually it was fast. My firs thought was it's because they are running on such tight staffing.


I don't understand it, they probably lose good candidates by taking so long and other companies snatch them up.

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