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October 07, 2012


Cop Car

Thanks for the cute video!

Health insurance was at one time a really good thing. It was communities coming together to spread the burden of health misfortunes among their members.

When I am elected Queen of the Universe, I will abolish all health care insurance, removing the cost of all of the health care insurance company owners/managers/workers/overhead from the cost of health care.


I would support insurance abolition. When we were poor, and couldn't afford insurance (and it's use wasn't common as it is now), we could still afford the occassional trip to the minor emergency center (which WS used several times, as did I when I scratched my eyes).

Just look at Lasik - used to cost big bucks, now is affordable to the average person; insurance wouldn't pay for it so market forces were put to work.


Yep, and that little trip to the ER last night for stitches probably set us back as much (or more) than WS makes in a month. So what we have to pay bills with is 2 of my unemployment checks (which is about 1/8 of what I used to make). If we didn't have any savings, we would already be in trouble, just for a couple of stitches!

Cop Car

Bogie--Somehow you have things screwed up. It's us old folks who are supposed to take a large portion of the medical care - not you youngsters. I'm just glad that you didn't lose your thumb! It is easy enough to understand, though, how those who don't make as much as you/WS have made and/or who don't save as well as you/WS have done (for which, I'll grant, there is little excuse) could be in dire financial straits caused by very little health problems. Those with major health problems could be/mostly are in a world of hurt. I've forgotten what proportion of bankruptcies are brough about by health problems; but, it isn't tiny.

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