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September 30, 2012


Cop Car

Bogie--Labeling may not have told you so, but both jars of taco spices are the same stuff and are saltless. (I know that you are even better than I am about eating healthfully so I made your spices as I make my own.)

I am somewhat confused on the quilt. Years and years ago, Mom gave each of you girls a quilt - which I had stored for you during all of these years. I thought that your quilt had a green background (as your room had green draperies in those days) and that Dudette's had a pink background (as her room had pink draperies in those days). The pink quilt, however, was in a box with your name on it and I seem to recall Dudette's telling you to take the pink quilt. (Dudette would have taken the pink quilt home with her had she intended to have it.) Whatever happened to the green quilt, I don't know - do you have it? Although Mom loved to do the piecing on quilts (hand-piecing), the design doesn't correspond to any that I saw her make. The scraps from which the patterned pieces were cut seem to be from my Grandmother H's dresses/aprons and Uncle E's shirts; but, who knows for sure?


Yes, I have the green quilt - it has moved with me (and been well used) since I moved out on my own. Dudette said she had enough quilts, and CK didn't want it (or didn't have room to keep a spare quilt) so I gained custody.

Cop Car

Thanks, Bogie. It eases my mind that I had not completely screwed up! Your Grma H also gave your dad a green quilt. Although green is not his favorite color (nor, as I recall, is it yours!) he treasures the quilt because Mom gave it to him (while we were divorced, as I recall). Ironically enough, your Aunt Alice had knitted two covers using kelly green and ecru yarns (one cover is all green), giving one to your dad and the other to your Grpa S. We now have custody of both. It isn't likely, but if I survive your dad, those covers will go to you and Dudette. They are wonderful!

Cop Car

P.S. I'm not sure that the green quilt that you have is the green quilt that I'm envisioning. I'm pretty sure that I still had both quilts (each swathed in a pillow case) at least until the early 1990s. It was/is mint green. Is that the one that you have?

Cop Car

P.P.S. Tell Fuzzy that he is welcome!

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