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September 03, 2012


Cop Car

How were the temperatures? From the long pants I'm guessing they were reasonable. I'm happy for all who attended that the races weren't in Kansas. We had 104 Sat, 107 Sun, and 106 Mon. (I'd like some Gouda with that whine, please - lol.)


Long pants mean nothing - most of those guys are in their fire suits because there is very little time between races (Qualifying, practice and event) to get set up for the next. So there is no time to take off and put on fire suits - they just peal the top part down to around their waists. Also, anyone working on engines, or tire mainenance, was wearing long pants for safety purposes too.

However, it was in the low 70's - actually when the picture of the driver's meeting was taken, the sun was going down so it was in the 60's. It was in the 50's riding home.

You must remember, around here, 90's is a heat wave. We had a whole lot of 90's (and a couple of 100's) during the summer - a lot more than usual.

You guys out in the midwest ought to be used to it by now. You should feel sorry for WS and me, coming from the land of 70's and 80's and going to the land of 105 when we went to Indiana - a major shock to the system!

Cop Car

Bogie--Thanks for the reminder about fire suits. I do feel empathy for anyone who must endure temperatures above 80 degrees, no matter where they are. Traveling from one climate zone to another, I have not forgotten, however.

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