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August 03, 2012


Cop Car

Bogie--You certainly achieved a lot in one day! I was panting from just an hour and a half of lawn work. The mental images made me pant harder!

Don't know when it was, but I recall your having mentioned that you had taken your own monitor to work so that you could see better. It sounds like the layoff was a "no notice" one.

I was somewhat puzzled by your statement on the laundry - until - I re-read it and found that I had read "dry" as "wet". How can my brain play such tricks?

Gotta go move the hoses.


No platitudes....just a comment. It seems that since I've been reading your blog you've had several job changes, and what comes to mind is that you are never out of work long. Apparently, you have a fairly wide base of skills and a willingness to work at a variety of jobs. I'm sure your job hunt will be successful. Meanwhile, congratulations on all you got done today!


Buffy, I've had four jobs since you've known me. I've been employed without any gaps for the last 8 years because two times were voluntary job changes, where I had a new job before leaving the old.

The previous two times I was laid off, I was off for 7 months and 5 months respectively (2001-2002 and 2004). The job market is not that great, so may be looking at the same time frame. I sincerely hope not!

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