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June 24, 2012


Cop Car

Poor Missy! Poor you, too, with cleanup duty! Your animals are so lucky that you are so knowledgable - and you are so lucky for their companionship and love. Well...come to think of it...little luck is involved. You chose one another and you've studied animals all of your life. Well done, and I'll be interested to learn what you determine as to the culprit.


A month in seems like a odd time to suddenly develop food sensitivities. Did you open a new bag within a few days of her starting?


Ruth - that was my thought exactly and the vet was agreeable to that. However, we'll get definitive proof in a couple of days.


Missy's system seems to have normalized since Friday. I have been gradually adding back her supplements; Sunday flax seed oil, yesterday asperin and chondroiten. This morning I added about 25 pcs of kibble to the mix. tonight's feeding will be the same as this morning's. Then tomorrow I will add just a tinge more kibble. Hopefully, if I keep things slow, her digestive system will stay on an even keel.


I hope Missy has recuperated by now. I don't envy you the clean up duty. I've been there, done that, but not quite to the degree you've described.


Missy is much better now.

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