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May 13, 2012


Cop Car

Awwww...and a wonderful card it is, thank you & your WS. Dudette sent me a funny card - also on time. On the front it shows a hand-held mixer with chocolate dripping off the beaters. It says, "Good moms let their kids lick the beaters." On the inside it says, "Great moms turn the mixer off first."

I do plan to have a great day. I've already had my walk and am looking forward to trying out our city's new Olive Garden for a late lunch. It opened two or three months ago and always has a nearly-full parking lot when we drive by on Sunday on our way to lunch.


The couple of times I've been to Olive Garden, the food has been really good. There is a reason they are always crowded!

Cop Car

I like to go to the Olive Gardens in Wichita and Colorado (when visiting Elder Brother); but, I think it is handy to have one just 2 miles down the road. That said, your dad got too hungry to wait for a 2:00pm lunch, so we left the house at 1:15pm. There was a line of people out the door. Neither HH nor I wait in line, patiently, so we ended up going to Los Cocos. Some other time - maybe by myself or with Elegant Friend.

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