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April 22, 2012


Cop Car

Sorry, Bogie. I assumed that it was all over the media was why I sent the "We are well." email. Hardest hit was the mobile home park on the southern edge of Oaklawn. As I drove up K-15 to get to the County Emergency Operation Center (714 N Main in Wichita) that night, the traffic signal light at Madison & Rock was the last functioning light (my route was: Madison - K-15 - Washington Ave, not Geo Washington - 2nd St - Market - Pine - parking lot), there were no more functioning signals nor house/business lights on until I reached K-15 & Pawnee. The bakery just south of Pawnee was the first business with power on.
I'll post some photos.


Even the National news and Weather Channel just had general reports that basically said that your area had a high probability of a tornado. Then it was that Kansas had a high percentage of the 102 tornadoes that day. The only specifics were for tornadoes they showed film of, or those that produced casualties.

Cop Car


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