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March 18, 2012


Cop Car

I mowed the grass, Friday, for fear it would rain over the weekend and your dad wouldn't be able to do it. Some of the grass was at least 8" tall (I did not measure it) and there was much debris (twigs/leaves) on it from the winter. First mowing since October, I think. It took a few passes; but, when finished, it looked beautifully green - for St Pat's! It worked well because your dad came home from FL with his usual upper respiratory infection (cold). He seems to pick one up whenever he travels - and that has been the case for the 55 years that I've known him!

Thanks for filling us in on the tidbits of what you've been up to. I'll send your dad an email with your news!

Cop Car

The grass has needed another mowing for about three days now; but, it rained every day until about noon, yesterday. Now, the ground is too soggy. Maybe in a day or two.

I think I should put out a feeder for the hummers this weekend (usually, I await their coming to the living room window to scold me for not having it out!) According to the report of last weekend, "our" hummers were still in Texas, so I didn't put out the feeder.

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