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March 25, 2012


Cop Car

All of your plants look hale and hearty. Do you dose them with your grow lights? (And...your Rosemary makes ours look puny!)


No - those grow in windows. The rosemary and citrus in the front bay windows, where they get the most light. The aloe goes wherever I can fit it and the plantain lily in the corner of the back room (it prefers shade).

The aloe and rosemary go outside during the summer where I have to be carefull to not put them where they get full light in the afternoon.


I have never succeeded in wintering over a rosemary plant indoors. I have such high hopes, but our house must be too dry and too dark for them. Your plants are looking really good!


This is probably the third rosemary I've tried to winter over. This is the only one to succeed, and I think it has gone thru 3 winters.

Usually, it resides in the living room window, escept during summer (I do have to watch the morning temps and pull it in if it is going to get too low). Also, when the woodstove is started for the winter, and evident it will be used everyday, I put the rosemary in the workout room. This room is also used to hang wet jeans from the laundry, so it has more humidity in it than the rest of the house aat that point.

Toward the end of winter, it looks a bit peaked from the non-optimum light (although it gets lots of failry bright indirect light) and the dryness of the air. Iim sure it is just as relieved as we are when spring finally gets here!

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