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February 15, 2012


Cop Car

I remember how awesome it was to have a ballpoint pen - something new in my world. My first one contained red ink and was a tiny thing embedded in a glow-in-the-dark chunk of plastic that folded into the "hidden" compartment of my Sky King ring. In the folded position, another piece containing a magnifying lens folded down over it. Thus, in the everything-closed position, I had a carbachon (sp?) "jewel" that glowed in the dark. If I opened the first layer, I could see things up close. If I opened the second layer, I could write with my pen and insert a small piece of paper, containing my secret message, into the "box".

The casette was a step forward from our reel-to-reel tape recorders. I still have a bunch of the casettes (to which I occasionally listen) and some of the reel-to-reel tapes (for which I have no machine that will play them).

Other than being old, and being able to use the BIC to wind/rewind the casette tape, I'm not sure what connection you/they seek.

Now, where did my buggy whip go?


hah, I know that one. Ok, I was a kid, but I know that one.


CC - that would be the connection. On occassion, the tape would get "stuck" and the pen was a convenient way to get the bobbins rolling again. At least, that is my guess as to the connection.

Ruth - Still have cassettes (they were in style until well after we moved here to NH. I fact, WS's truck has a tape player in it.

Cop Car

After posting my above comment, I realized that the "pen" shown is a gel pen rather than the older ballpoint. Oh, well. Can serve the same purposes. I expected to find the answer at the Roadkill link. Let me know if we are wrong about the connection, please.

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