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February 11, 2012


Cop Car

"Memorial Bridge Demolition" was the most informative of all the WMUR videos concerning the bridge; and, they are all wonderful. What an awesome crowd they recorded at the night time scene - very enthusiastic. Thanks for letting us know about your bridge. (How is the name of the river spelled?)

Cop Car

P.S. Your WS's phone takes good photos. I probably should credit WS, rather than the phone! *grinning*


Piscataqua (piz-'cat-a-qwa)

The Wikipedia entry was updated quickly I see.

The Foster's Daily Democrat has a story that says: "Cota said this next crane would make the two on scene all week to help position the barge and lift span to be properly removed, look small." That should be some crane!

Cop Car

Thanks for the spelling lesson. It looks (about) the way it sounded on the news report; but, I wasn't sure that I had heard it correctly.

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