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January 29, 2012


Cop Car

Bogie--A couple of years ago, an electrician who had been working in our attic space told me that it would be well to contact an exterminator just before scheduling any more work that would require someone to be in the attic - to get rid of the infestation of brown spiders.
Heck! Around here, brown spiders are a given. I don't want anyone spraying poison around here!
Now...if a spider is in my tub/shower, I feel badly but I still wash it down the drain. The cats used to take care of our bugs; but, now we are dependent on the spiders - mostly brown.


I wouldn't get rid of any insects, just to get rid of them. On the other hand, if there are to be workers in those areas, one must weigh the risks (and, of course, inform the workers). When we had the mold remediation done in the attic, the workers had to contend with the large amount of wasps up there. The stuff they sprayed for the mold was poison anyway (although, apparently not enough so), so who would I be to complain about a little wasp spray?

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