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January 29, 2012



You're not on a diet, you're trying to avoid being on one!

Cop Car

Bogie--Gee, I don't think you need to diet! (Sorry! I'm just fulfilling a mother's duty to tick off her offspring.)

I'm like you (well...I do need to diet, even if I won't do it...so, we're certainly not alike in many ways!) in pre-planning my snacking. I get the full-sized popcorn bags; but, the bags I get are 140 calories per bag (if I can read correctly). Sodium...well...it's not so great on that. When I'm lucky, your dad will share the bag with me so that my sodium intake is "only" 190 mg.

I have noticed that, for the same weight snack pack of the same "stuff", calorie counts have increased over the past year. One year ago, the small package of "Original" potato chips that I would have on occasion was 140 calories. About six months ago, I noted that the same pack was labeled as 150 calories. Currently, the labeling is 160 calories. I'm not much on chips, so that put them out of my eating plan. When I get bagged chips, or cookies, as part of a meal, etc, I save them for your dad!

I'm amazed that the service person at a restaurant would even mention what you are ordering. Around here they just ask, "Would you like chips or whatever or an apple with that?" I take the apple (and 1/2 of the sandwich, usually) home with me.

I do appreciate the machines at the gym. I generally spend 10-15 minutes on the machines after my 45-minute swim, three times each week. That should be five times each week, but I really hate the drive! Today, I walk.

Cop Car

Correction: My popcorn (Pop Secret Homestyle) has 170 calories/bag.


"You're not on a diet, you're trying to avoid being on one!"



CC - I really enjoy when we go to the gym (when I am in town), for the variety of machines. Next time I'm there, I will have more of an idea what to do with some of the one's I've avoided, for fear of using them incorrectly.

As for calorie claims, I have found that many items I have bought in the past would boast of 80-90 calories. In the last 6 months, I have noticed that the amount has shrunk quite a bit. I do take into account that they are allowed something like a 20% "error" on their claims.

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