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January 22, 2012



We do something quite similar, letting our 6 3/4 cats share a can of "wonderful food". It's basically an appetizer before their regular evening meal of "nasty dry crap".

Cop Car

Bogie--Awwwwww. Our cats did not care for canned food; although, canned fish was aces. As to foot in the water: CC would find a container (usually a rather wide-necked plastic bottle) of drink (water/soda/tea) that I had left settting about, stick a paw into it, and lick the paw - repeatedly. Goodness knows how many times that happened without my being aware.

Beautiful menagerie. Are the canines next?


When I was a kid my folks had a part Main Coon, who used to sleep in the bathroom sink, the one with the drippy faucet.....Fuzzy reminds me of him!

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