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October 29, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--I did a double take at your "called the wood guy" - before reading the rest of the sentence, at which point it made sense. It sounds to me like you (plural) and your wood recipient have done a good job of communicating. Congratulations!

It is coolish and frosty, here, but I insulated the backflow valve to the irrigation system (winter servicing of which has been pushed back to mid-November by the re-re-overseeding of our lawn) using a large waste basket, one section of the pink, rubber insulated drapery from Dudette's old room, and two 3-cu-ft bags of shredded cedar mulch. Luckily, the shrubbery shields the view from the street so I have just left the insulation in place until we have the winter servicing done.

I feel for the folks in the WV/VA area.

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