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September 11, 2011



Poor puppy! I do like your improvisation though....lol!

Cop Car

Bogie--Ooh, poor Prince. He is lucky to have an engineer-in-hiding taking care of him (but, you do it for selfish reasons, don't you?) Critters just can't be in better hands than yours! (Do assure Missy that she is looking her usual gorgeous self.)

I, too, liked writing 9/10/11 once I discovered it, yesterday. I canned some spiced beets and discovered the pleasant date while dating the jar lids. BTW: I have packed up the jars of stuff that I couldn't send at Christmas (too cold in your neck of the woods to risk shipping) or later (too hot in our neck of the woods to risk shipping) - and added a couple of pints of the spiced beets. With any luck, I'll remember to mail them to you and WS tomorrow. Everything that isn't edible is included in the box to take up space, so do with as you see fit.

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