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September 18, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--Glad my granddogs are doing well - especially the ailing one. Sorry about your stomache pains. Isn't it strange how something that you might think of as trivial can be so painful while a silent killer remains "silent"? You are with your health insurance as I used to be when employed - and as I've always been about flood insurance. Self insurance is a good option for some.

If we had a hard freeze predicted for tonight, there is no food on the vine for me to bring in. About the only thing we got to eat this year were the cherries (bountiful crop) and a few yellow squash. Oh, well. Perhaps we can make up for it next year. Obviously, your final gathering of the crops, this year, hasn't matched some of your years, either!


Hmm, I've been dealing with something similer to that (and possibly the same thing, though thats not how my doctor described it) for several years now. It runs in my mom's family. My doctor told me it was a form of acid reflux. It took some experimentation to figure out which drugs work on it, but a full 150mg dose of Zantec (or its generic since its now OTC) does the trick just fine. Infact 95% of the time a dose before bed is all I need, since most of my attacks are at night.

But yes, it does feel like an alien is going to explode out of your stomach at any point doesn't it. If you start having trouble with it more often, I found my back often feels it a few minutes to an hour or so before my stomach reacts, not sure why, but often its enough of a warning for me to run for my meds. Its a horrid feeling. Thankfully I've never had it last more than a couple hours (which is bad enough when it wakes you up at 2am). Sometimes I can burp up enough gas to lessen it a bit and in those cases it goes away quicker, if I can't, and for some reason can't take my meds either, I WILL end up puking up whatever was in my stomach (which doesn't actually help with the pain either).


Ruth - not the same thing although they could be kindred spirits. The stomache lining was inflamed, which could be seen in the xrays. Usually the inflamation happens for a specific reason, but we couldn't determine what the causation was. Fortunately it shouldn't be a recurring problem.


Well, never actually had xrays done while I was having an attack, though if it had ever lasted longer than the couple hours (before I knew what it was and how to deal with it) then I'd have been into the ER right quick. I'll have to remember to ask my doctor for clarification next change. I hope for your sake its not recurring problem, it sucks!

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