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September 25, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--As I said in my note inside the box: 1) this was the stuff that should have been sent for last Xmas; but, your weather was too cold in NH for safe shipment until May, and starting in May it was too hot in KS for safe shipment and 2) anything in the box that wasn't edible was to be considered packing. I found the irises inside the box which had been stored in the garage.

I don't know whether, at some point, I recalled that you wanted orchid colored irises or whether they were "left overs" from the irises that I sent to your Aunt Judy in July. Your guess is as good as mine! Hope they live and that you enjoy them over the years. They would have been quite expensive, the parent stock having been purchased at Walkmart a few years ago.

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