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September 10, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--It isn't even worth trying to blackmail you since you announced everything to the whole world. Glad WS (and the bikes) are alright. Super news!


Love it! WD and I joke about "calling Jake" (the insurance agent that sold us our first life insurance policy) in these sort of exchanges. WD knows my first stop after his demise is my getting a cat for company. If I am feeling really honery, I tell him I will get the cat sooner and NOT get an oxygen tent for him. With his allergies, he has to behave when I make this "threat"!!


Too funny!

Wichi Dude

WHEW! For a second I thought you might lose a bike there.

"Calling Jake" is real, and so is the getting a cat part. Getting one before hand...not such a great idea knowing about my allergies. No way would blowing up a shed protect THAT insurance claim. It is nice to dream though.

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