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August 14, 2011


Cop Car

Beautiful produce, Bogie. Your words about your dehydrator reminds me to tell you how wonderfully your dried tomatoes turned out last year. They make a delicious snack and I put some in my last bean soup (to be finished at lunch, today). Thank you, again, for letting us share the products of your hard work!


What kind of dehydrator is it? I'm thinking I need to get one....


Cop Car - glad you enjoyed the tomatoes!

Ruth - I got an Excalibur 9 tray model (without the timer). The also make smaller models that are 5 tray, but I think they have just as large a footprint. I was happy with my smaller, round Ronco until it died, and it would be a good, fairly cheap option for someone who is unsure how much they will use a dehydrator, or only need to dehydrate smaller amounts.


thank y ou!

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