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August 26, 2011


Cop Car

Think of it as your ramped up exercise program for the week. Good luck, Sweetie!


Finally got to start dinner (leftovers, so it didnt' take long) about 9:15 last night. I got a bunch of the garden picked, but left anything that isn't ready - I'll do a last picking today. Also got the plants on the deck down below, and a bunch of other stuff got moved too.

Then I started vacuuming at 8:00 (I try to vacuum when WS isn't around as he is allergic to stuff the vacuum stirs up).

Extra calorie burnage - maybe I can have a brownie sundea tonight as a reward.

Cop Car

Have an extra brownie sundae on me, Bogie. You've earned it. Aren't you glad that all of this is scheduled for a weekend? Hang tight. (This will be a good check of your new roof.)

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