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August 21, 2011


Cop Car

Strange, really strange. I carry bins (intended for bussing tables - bought at Sam's) in my trunk and frequently don't have WalkMart sack anything. I usually offer my receipt to the greeter; but, have rarely had one of them take me up on the offer to look at it - and, at that - no one has done more than give it a cursory glance.

Of course, I have always had an "honest" face while you have always had a "she's trouble" face. *snickering*

(It was the water's fault!)


I'd have turned back around and demanded a manager personally, but then I've had a bad few weeks and have been looking for someone to take it out on....


Well, TSA (even before there was a TSA) has ALWAYS thought I looked like a terrorist (or drug smuggler), so I get singled out for special treatment 90% of the time - even if I don't set off any of their metal detectors.

Cop Car

I've not flown much since 9/11 and the only time I've been singled out was 8/31/2007 at La Guardia on my way to DC. At that, they just used the air puffer machine on me. Not sniffing any dangerous chemicals, I was sent merrily on my way.

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