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August 28, 2011


Cop Car

WS will do anything to get out of work and Bogie will do anything to show off her man. What a pair! Seriously, let's hope that the medical folks come up with something that helps, quickly! Give WS my best, please.

Your deck/surrounds look in ship-shape. I'm thinking that you needed precious little help (just what you got, eh?!) Good show. Interesting about the bands of rain and the bushes are beautiful!


WS's spots are mostely gone, except for his leg. He doesn't itch as much either, which is a huger relief to him (that is probably what bothered him the most).

Cop Car

I can relate. I have a 3" x 1/2" swath on my left calf that has been itching for several days. I'm thinking that while I was fighting a huge patch of poison ivy (back in the woods - along the creek bank) I got oil on my ankle-high muckers - from which I got the oil a few days ago when working in the yard. (The muckers are my normal footwear for yard work.) When I get poison ivy on my arms or torso it itches a lot worse.


Poor baby! I'm glad to hear they finally got the prescriptions sorted and helped him clear up the spots. Dear Husband will do anything to avoid a hospital trip The only time I saw him willing to go to the hospital was when he was suffering from kidney stones!

Take good care of WS.....SOMEBODY has to! lol

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