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August 28, 2011



I hope you tied down the gas grill on the deck as you don't want it wandering around!


The grill is in no danger. Even in the worst of storms that aread is vertually a dead space as far as wind is concerned. I moved the recyclables bins into the lean-to in order to move the grill to that location. I took in the bird feeders - but even that was unneccessary.

The wind mainly comes up the left side (looking at the back of the house) because the neighbor's driveway, then our driveway, leads the wind in. then it hits the upper retaining wall and swirls back toward the lean-to, but doesn't hit the inside portion of the deck. The other corner of the house is also on the windy side, but it angles in on the deck.

We can't get wind from the sides or back, unless something really goes wrong (hills behind and to one side are blasted and all trees go down). At that point, I have much more to worry about than a few items blowing around. In fact at that point, we would be lucky to be alive to worry about anything at all!


I hope the storm was as tame later on as you described here. You clearly know how to prepare for a storm with high winds!

I'll be watching for an update. And, the hydrangeas are gorgeous! I'm green with envy!


Storm wasn't too bad here - no damage (haven't checked the back lot yet, but the worst that could happen is we have firewood for next year.

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