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July 31, 2011


Cop Car

Wow! Those are eye-popping blossoms, Bogie. Beautiful! Our plants are just hanging on by their toenails. The only things in bloom are a couple of ice plants that I bought/planted in early June (It evidently likes triple-digit heat!) and two butterfly bushes that I bought/planted late last summer. One of our phlox bunches looks cooked; but, the other bunches are hanging in there, thank you.

We have had precious few butterflies this year. I planted lots & lots of dill weed for them; but, it has been too hot for the caterpillers to emerge. I think that we are up to about day 40 (nonconsecutively) of triple-digits - forecast to be so through next Saturday. Bleah! I'm trying to talk your dad into moving to Alaska. (Fat chance of getting him to leave Derby!)

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