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May 15, 2011


Cop Car

Bogie--It did take us a while to get a posting up about NG2, didn't it? As to your phone, I've had the same model smart phone (a TREO) for over four years, now, and I still don't know how to put it on speaker phone. (Your dad showed me the other day, and I believe it was an ikon at the bottom right corner of the screen; but, I wouldn't bet money on it.)

Like you, when I am around home, I only get called by my husband. Only when I go on Red Cross assignment is the phone really worth the money. In a couple of hours, I leave for Kansas City. For the next week, my TREO will get a lot of use!

Congratulations to the great aunt & uncle. Everyone needs to have a great aunt & uncle or two. I was fortunate in having 5 great aunts and 1 great-great aunt. They were always super cool, to me.


Congrats to you, Wichi Dude, and Cop Car on the new addition to the family!


Cop Car - There are no icons at the bottom of the phone screen, that is why I couldn't figure it out (I was looking). And, there are only two buttons on the phone, one turns the volume up and down, the other turns off the phone, so I may have to have it on speaker BEFORE I answer the phone.

Good luck in Kansas City (although I'm sure you don't need it).

DCE - thanks ('cause we had so much to do with it - LOL)

Wichi Dude

Bogie, you can continue complaining...I am only now getting ready to post a pic or two of the new arrival and brother. Got a cute one of the both boys and myself. Still trying to figure out what to title it and say though, but it'll be up in a little bit.

Can't help with the phone, my speaker bit is on the face when I make or receive a call, very easy.

And we DID talk for a bit didn't we? It was nice. For me anyway.

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